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Freeze Dried Foods 7 Years Later

I’m a huge fan of freeze dried foods because they’re nutritionally superior to canned foods, last as long as dry bulk foods (e.g., rice and beans) if not opened, and usually taste great even many years later.

About the only major problem is that they’re expensive to purchase. Go buy a #10 can of chicken and you’ll know what I mean! And just like in the video, I sold Thrive Live foods for a while. I’ve always been very happy with their quality and they’re clearly doing great in the preparedness industry. That said, there are other reputable freeze dried manufacturers to purchase from in bulk as well, but most of my experience has been with Thrive.

What’s interesting in this video is that he’s showing us (and eventually taste testing) meals that he made from freeze dried food several years ago which he’s stored in his bug out supplies. Specifically, I’d like to know how the food has held up since they’re only being stored in Ziploc bags without any sort of desiccant or oxygen absorber. I think I would have at least tried to seal this food in my Foodsaver to remove as much oxygen as possible and, therefore, to preserve it longer once the cans have been opened.

Regardless, freeze dried foods are a great addition to your survival supplies at home. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of using them for bug out bag meals because they still need to be re-hydrated and cooked, neither of which makes for expedient meals prep while on the move. Anyway, enjoy the video tour of his freeze dried foods…

By Damian Brindle

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