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I Always Feel Naked When I Travel by Airplane, How About You?


It’s amazing how much of a homebody I’ve become the past few years. Granted, I was never one to jump at the chance to see the world so maybe it’s in my nature. Nonetheless, I really despise travelling, particularly by airplane. Not only is it a major annoyance with all the restrictions of things I cannot take on the plane, the now mandatory body sniffer, still needing to removing my shoes (which I forget to do and then freak out the TSA security guard), and so on… you know the deal. Disregarding privacy concerns, let’s talk about prep concerns…

You see, I think we preppers–knowingly or not–surround ourselves in layers of preps protection. This can be easily understood when you realize that you probably have an assortment of EDC gear you carry each day (the first layer), a get home bag and/or entire vehicle kit (the second layer) for when you’re out and about, plenty more gear and supplies at home (the third layer), and maybe even caches or an entire bug out location (the fourth layer) with additional preps to rely upon as well. No doubt there’s a lot we’ve surrounded ourselves with… and for good reason: you never know when something will happen.

The problem with travelling, therefore, is that we’re away from a majority of our preps and, thus, the layers of protection we’ve grown accustomed to. While you can mitigate this problem if travelling by vehicle quite a bit, doing so is a LOT more difficult when travelling by plane. This is especially true during the entire time you’re in or about the airport and airplane… heck, you might as well be naked!

I know that you can check many things (including a firearm) so that you have gear to rely upon when you’ve reached your destination but even this can be problematic because of the cost associated with paying for checked bags, just having more bags to tote around, and who knows what somebody is doing with your stuff behind the scenes.

Anyway, I tend to travel light to avoid the hassles. Sure, I pack some things for my EDC but I don’t pack a go-bag (maybe I should start) and obviously I don’t have any of the other layers of protection that I normally would, including vehicle kits. Sadly, I’m more of a sheeple that I like to admit. As such, I’m glad to be back home again… with all of my preps. Of course, shortly we’ll be packing up all of our worldly possessions in preparation for our move and so I’ll feel completely naked and probably quite uneasy about it until we get to Seattle and I’m once again re-united with my stuff. 😉

Of course, we’re not totally screwed because I do have family that choose to prepare like we do… let’s just hope nothing goes horribly wrong with the world anytime soon.

By Damian Brindle

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