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Scary Wi-Fi Hacking Electronics!

Worried about your Wi-Fi getting hacked? No? After watching this you should be. Although I’d known some of these nefarious tools existed, I had no idea how easy they are to purchase (often on Amazon for cheap), use (I could probably figure it out), and worst of all… how quickly they can be employed to hack or jam your Wi-Fi, phone, and more, even from the street. From Wi-Fi De-Authorizers to Wi-Fi Jammers and more, you’re going to be shocked at the technology that can be used against you in today’s modern world.

As an example, do you think your Ring or Nest camera will alert you when it goes offline because you got attacked? Well, what if it never officially goes offline? Think your smartphone and Wi-Fi are talking securely when they reconnect after getting separated? Well, what if their communications are intercepted and decrypted later? Apparently it’s easier than you realize to download the “handshake” with these devices and within an hour or less have your home Wi-Fi password (even a long one) uncovered. Then the hackers are inside your network doing who knows what; oh, that’s right… stealing every bank login and password they can get their hands on. 😉

All the more reason to stay off Wi-Fi, especially when you’re out and about!

By Damian Brindle

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Do you have a list of the “educational” survival electronics. I watched your interesting video and couldn’t quite catch the names of the gadgets. Loved the video. Kind of scary though.

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