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Top 5 Items for Your Get Home Bag (GHB)

I happened upon the following video earlier today and I couldn’t resist checking out what the guy had to say as I’m always looking to see if I’m missing something in my bug out bag–I’m not–especially something I may not have included in my 53 essentials book.

Unfortunately, the title is a bit misleading because it isn’t a mere five items but more like five areas of preparedness, specifically water (e.g., water container, purification), shelter (e.g., jacket, sleeping bag), self defense, a first aid kit, and food (especially food you don’t need to cook).

Regardless, everything he suggests is good to include. I might also include a pair of shoes you can walk in and a flashlight for sure! Not sure why any sort of light source didn’t make the top five list, lol.

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By Damian Brindle

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We start filling our Get Home Bags with a mini survival kit, in event we are forced to split up during an emergency. Each mini kit contains a Swiss Army Knife or multi-tool with saw, a lighter, a space blanket, straw water filter and flashlight. The larger container/pack/bag holds an All Weather Blanket (groundcloth), tarp (shelter), SOL Bivvy, first aid kit, DATREX Food Bars, water bottles, fire kit (tinder/matches/lighter), water filter, flashlight and either a saw-back machete or hatchet. The larger kits are set up around a combination of weapon systems (Ruger 10/22 Takedown & Security-6 Revolver, Henry AR-7 Rifle & .45 ACP Pistol or Rossi Circuit Judge & Taurus Public Defender Revolver. Consequently, there is also ammo in the pack/bag.

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