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Trash Piles Up After Only Two Days In A Disaster!

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Bernie from recently had an eye-opening experience where trash service didn’t pick up his apartment complex trash for two days because of a storm and, as a result, things started to turn ugly quickly… the garbage situation, that is.

Sanitation is, in my opinion, one of the most overlooked areas of emergency preparedness and how you (and your neighbors) deal with trash is a big part of that.

Trash WILL pile up quickly if not properly disposed of. This will bring a variety of unwanted pests and insects in no time and, sadly, many diseases too. Living in an apartment as Bernie does only compounds the problem because they’re more reliant on trash pickup than even a typical homeowner is.

You simply must have an idea of what to do with your trash if/when disaster strikes. As such, the following article offers several suggestions for how to deal with trash and more…

“A couple of weeks ago, trash pickup in our apartment complex was suspended for two days due to severe storms. The trash compactor area quickly filled up and people were leaving trash outside the enclosed area. The whole place was filthy and reeked of rotting garbage. It only takes a couple of days between pickups for those apartment bins to fill up to overflowing. It got me thinking that garbage would be a big problem in a disaster situation…”

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By Damian Brindle

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