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What’s the #1 Urban EDC Gear to Carry?

I was curious to know since I’m always on the lookout for something I may be missing. Is it a knife, flashlight, or maybe a firearm? Or perhaps it’s something more mundane like your keys or wallet?

If you had to ask me before watching this video (and he says as much about a minute in) then I would’ve said it’s your phone because a phone is your number one resource to reach out for help, plus it can perform a number of functions during a disaster.

Find out what The Urban Prepper’s answer is by watching the video below…

By Damian Brindle

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2 replies on “What’s the #1 Urban EDC Gear to Carry?”

Hey Damian, good post. I’ve been using Christmas as an excuse to treat myself to more EDC items that I was missing from my stash and I’m probably too late to order any of these now for Christmas but there’s certainly a few items I’d like, a tactical pen is so cool!

How important do you think things like electronics, chargers and batteries are for EDC?

X-mas is always a great time for treating yourself to more survival gear, lol. How important are electronics, you ask? Most electronics probably aren’t very necessary for EDC purposes, but if you’re out for a long time then maybe something like a portable USB charger for your phone would be a good idea to include. Keep extra batteries, cords, and the like in your bug out bag and your vehicle for just in case use.

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