27 Crucial Smartphone Apps for Survival

Did You Know You Have One of THE Most Powerful Survival Tools Already in Your Pocket?

Smartphone Apps Book

That’s right, the very same smartphone most of us only use to play games, watch videos, and endlessly surf the Internet is a crucial survival tool – but only if you know what to do with it.

There are countless apps (many of them free) which purport to help you survive a disaster, but only a fraction are truly worthwhile. Join popular survivalist blogger, Damian Brindle, as he unveils the 27 BEST smartphone apps for your survival, quickly and effectively transforming your smartphone into a powerhouse survival tool which few preppers take full advantage of.

Inside this book you’ll discover:

  • 4 Useful Apps Probably Already Installed on Your Phone
  • 4 Alert Apps to Keep You Well-Informed During Disaster
  • 2 Navigational Apps so You Never Get Lost
  • 5 VITAL Emergency First Aid Apps to Keep You and Your Family Healthy
  • 5 Apps to Boost Your Survival Knowledge
  • Plus 7 More Apps Not to Ignore, 5 Honorable Mentions, and 7 Seemingly Useful Apps NEVER to Use

Your smartphone is a crucial tool, and you’re squandering its potential on all the wrong things. Stop wasting one of your most powerful survival tools by downloading games or constantly surfing social media. Get these free survival apps instead, each one of which could save your life.

Fast to read and easy to implement, buy now to transform your smartphone into a survival powerhouse!

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