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Why 90% of Prepper Bug Out Bags Will Be Useless

Interesting take on why the items you already have in your bug out bag may not be the only ones you want to have ready to go. That is, it’s the many other important items you may not want to leave behind, particularly stuff for your pets, gold and silver or cash, passports, heirlooms, one of a kind photos… and the list goes on, that you may want to include as well.

To me, it sounds like he’s talking less about a bug out on foot and more about a bug out by vehicle where you might have the time-even 15 minutes or less–to gather these types of items. And, while he does discuss ways to make gathering of these special items happen faster, I would encourage you to make a list of additional important items and then rank them in order of importance, like I discuss in my 27-day course, so that you don’t waste time trying to remember what you wanted to take and where it is.

What you’ll do with these items and how you’ll gather them (or if you’ll even bother) is a good topic to consider if you haven’t done so yet, especially if you have a lot of extra stuff that you may want to take with you. But I will warn you: it can become too much very quickly! I’d say that, in a way, “less is more” during a bug out. Here’s his take on the subject…

By Damian Brindle

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One reply on “Why 90% of Prepper Bug Out Bags Will Be Useless”

Thanks for sharing.

It is an interesting idea to think of a bug out bag with less stuff in it as more effective. Usually in a crisis situation you automatically assume that you need everything for every possible situation.

Panic preppers should take note.

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