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Urban Bug Out Bag for 2020

What’s with my (and most other preppers) seemingly endless fascination with bug out bags? I’ve got my own ideas, made plenty of variations over the years, and still I always enjoy watching or reading about what other people have done. Maybe I like to see gear that I haven’t seen before. Or, perhaps it’s because I fear I’m going to miss out on something useful. I don’t know.

What I do know is that his idea of an urban bug out bag is a bit different than mine and somewhat smaller too. I’d say it’s more akin to my get home bag idea but still a very good setup. The one area I tend to disagree with is his addition of a way to cook food (that’s less of a priority which I explain in my book) and I don’t recall seeing any clothing, shoes or even a quality rain poncho in his bag which, in my opinion, are always good to have and, of course, add bulk.

In any case, take notes and add what you’re missing because that ONE item could just save your life…

By Damian Brindle

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I agree with you, and my first and the most important survival item is my clothings and footwear. Because this quarantine stuffs rn too i was only able to stay at home; and when im at home, i basically just wear a very basic clothings with flipflops, so i know, im very vulnuarable if any SHTF. So my main priority is my clothings and footwear. Im not carry so much, just things that could protects me. Let me share some, i hope it’ll be useful both for you and other viewers. So my clothing module is: 1 pair of extra clothings(t-shirt, pants, underwear, socks, etc) 1 extra underwear, 2 extra socks, and my main armor i like to call(thick water resistant jacket(not waterproof), and durable yet elastic pants). My footwear was, one pair of hiking boots.
Hehe i know this comment was too long, i just like to share. And offcourse, that was at the very top of my bag. And just a reminder, i really likes to pack my stuffs really so compactly and tidy. So all of those except the footwear goes inside my waterproof 2L pouch which i stored inside my bag. My other important thing is, my important documents and electronics backup. All of that were stored in a small waterproof drybag(500ML size). Lets face it, im personally preffer to have my important lifetime and all of my works files, etc with me rather then having a survival kit the same size. Cuz honestly in some major survival stuffs, im atleast have more than basic knowledges. So i will need less things to survive. And so after that, is my medkit, i built it myself, idw to explain it too detailed, but it was basically have everything i need for basic and medium injuries and some other medicinal goodies. This comment has just gone too long i guess, im sorry for that again. So the rest basically, you could imagine it. I would like to make a video about it, just im still thinking about the secrecy of my identity:) So basically my mindset to pack a bag is(especially for survival ofc). No matter what, everything inside it should be waterproof, so i could even throw it away in the water without even needs to care about the things inside it. Second, it must be durable. Third it should be lightweight enough which i could not just hike miles with it, but also run with it. Fourth it should have a backup mini survival bag inside which i could grab it and leave the main pack and still have all of my important files and small survival and kit inside of it. Fifth it must be low profile and compact, atleast it blends in and doesn’t looks bulky. By having that mindest to pack this B.O.B of mine rn, i have succesfully made my pack only as light as 7.85 kgs, not included my footware, bcz it was outside the pack. And if i use my main armor, i will have extra storage spaces for any other things too. I know this comment were already like a short story book. But i hope it can be useful. Thank you

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