9.0 Cascadia Earthquake Survival

The “Big One” is NOTHING compared to this…

Earthquake Survival Book

The San Andreas earthquake expected to hit California one day pales in comparison to the “Really Big One”–the Cascadia megaquake–a doomsday scenario that, when it goes off, is poised to utterly devastate the Pacific Northwest and endanger the lives of everyone who lives there.

Kenneth Murphy, FEMA’s Pacific Northwest director, was once quoted as saying: “Our operating assumption is that everything west of Interstate 5 will be toast.”

He’s not exaggerating one bit. Not only will we be rocked by the biggest earthquake to EVER hit the mainland United States, but we’ll be inundated with:

  • Massive Tsunamis Waves All Along the Coastline
  • Destructive Flooding for Many Miles Inland
  • Widespread Wildfires and Suffocating Smoke
  • Dozens to HUNDREDS of Powerful Aftershocks
  • Plus Downed Trees and Powerlines That Will Slow Rescue Efforts to a Crawl
  • And More!

You know earthquakes strike without warning, and if you live anywhere near the Pacific Northwest then you need to get ready for this approaching threat before it’s too late. Now, expert prepper, Damian Brindle, shares his must-read advice for how you can stay safe when the Cascadia Megathrust quake strikes.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

  • Vital Earthquake Science You Should Know (to Understand Why This Megaquake is so Different Than Anything Previous)
  • The “Who, What, When, Why and Where” Details You Need to Know (to Demystify the Event and its Destructive Aftermath)
  • Precisely How a Cascadia Megathrust Quake Will Devastate the Entire Pacific Northwest (so You Know What to be Ready for)
  • And the 7 Most Important Solutions to Survive This Coming Disaster (so You Know What to do Now to Stay Safe)

Remember this: Every disaster America has ever faced pales in comparison to this doomsday threat – you won’t get a second chance to be ready.

Don’t leave your survival up to chance! Fast to read and easy to implement, buy now and be prepared for when the Cascadia Megaquake strikes.

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