28 Powerful Home Security Solutions, 2nd Edition

“It was the worst knowing someone was in our home, in my child’s bedroom. I slept on her floor for a month afterward with the light on… I was terrified the burglars would return.” –Kathy W.Home Security Book

Experiences like Kathy’s are far more common than you realize. For unsuspecting homeowners seeing the aftermath for the first time can be a scary sight, and being subject to a home invasion is downright terrifying. Fortunately, there are dozens of actions that you can take to stay safe, knowledge that for most of us only comes after it’s too late.

Rest assured that you will soon know how to keep your home and family safe with this book in hand. Containing a wealth of tips and advice about home security, the most effective security measures, and more, this book is a powerful tool for anyone wanting to keep their family, home and valuables safe.

Inside, you’ll discover dozens of fundamental advice you can make use of right now to deter thieves – including three crucial actions that virtually guarantee they’ll move on. With insights into how they choose their targets, which factors deter thieves, as well as when and where they strike, now you’ll know how to protect your home and avoid costly, even life-threatening encounters.

And you will rest assured knowing that you have all the information you need to stay protected whether you’re at home or away.

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