28 Powerful Home Security Solutions, 2nd Edition

Most Burglars Are In and Out of Your Home in Less Than Ten Minutes, and Your Neighbors Never Even Batted an Eye…

Home Security Book

Now they have all your valuables in hand – you money stash, family jewelry, car keys… even your laptop and checkbook – there goes your personal data and privacy too. Insurance likely won’t cover any of it and they probably wheeled everything away with your own luggage.

Most people wrongly believe they’re safe because they live in a good neighborhood, have a big dog or firearm at home, or prominently display a security sign in their yard, none of which scare off seasoned criminals.

To protect what’s rightfully yours and safeguard your valuables you need solid, proven advice to put off determined thieves or, worse, stop a home invasion. In this cutting-edge guide, Damian Brindle, expert survival blogger, shares his 28 most powerful home security solutions you’ll want to employ – before it’s too late.

Inside this must-read guide, you will:

  • Understand How, When and Where Thieves Gain Entry to Your Home (And What to do About it)
  • Discover Two Dozen Vital Actions That Will Stop a Burglar Cold (They’re Easier Than You Realize)
  • Uncover Which Factors ACTUALLY Deter Thieves (You Might be Surprised at What You’re Missing)
  • Identify 12 Sneaky Hiding Spots for Your Valuables (Not Even a Seasoned Thief Will Find These)
  • Determine How a Burglar Picks Their Next Target (It’s Not How You Think)
  • Reveal the 3 Most Effective Security Measures (These Virtually Guarantee a Burglar Will Move On)
  • And So Much More!

Now you too can protect your family, safeguard your property, and stop criminals dead in their tracks with these proven and effective home security solutions anyone can use.

*** 2nd edition updated and expanded to include: additional photos and checklists, how to survive home invasion, plus more than a dozen extra security tips. ***

Don’t put your home or family’s safety at risk! Fast to read and easy to implement, buy now and discover how to protect your home and family today.

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