The Survival Toolbox

Here’s Something Few Preppers Fully Consider…

Survival Toolbox Book

What would you do if your home is damaged after a disaster, but you couldn’t fix it or evacuate?

You’d have a BIG problem, that’s for sure!

I can help ensure this doesn’t happen to you by creating a Survival Toolbox, a toolbox which includes dozens of useful hand tools specially selected for home disaster recovery.

Who I Am, Why Listen To Me

My name is Damian Brindle. I’m a longtime survival blogger with many thousands of readers.

I’ve spent the past decade studying and discovering nearly everything I can about survival, especially at home preparedness, to ensure my own family’s survival.

I know more than most folks about bugging in, bugging out, food storage, off-grid cooking, home safety and protection, and so much more.

Over the last several years I’ve dedicated my life and my time to helping others just like you better survive disasters of all kinds. Like I said, it’s my life.

I’m also husband to a wonderful wife and father to two growing boys.

I’ve spent years ensuring my family will be 100% safe, secure, and ready for disasters of all kinds and now I’m offering you the chance to take an important–even crucial–action for yourself by getting yourself prepared the right way, right now.

Here’s What’s Covered Inside

Inside you’ll uncover 67 practical tools and supplies to fix or maintain your home after a disaster strikes, each tool chosen to help you keep your family safe instead of being freezing cold and soaking wet… and maybe even dead as a result.

We’ll also briefly cover two additional considerations, including tools to keep in your vehicles as well as on your person.

Finally, we’ll also discuss where to find these tools cheap, where to keep this survival toolbox (hint: it’s not where you think you should), and even what toolbox to opt for given your situation.

Why You Must Prepare Yourself Now

Disasters, including earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, blizzards, floods, and so many more won’t wait for you to be ready for them, and most strike without warning!

You simply MUST prepare yourself now. Here’s how to create a survival toolbox the right way and to stay safe, starting right now.

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Inside you’ll uncover 67 practical tools and supplies to fix or maintain your home after a disaster strikes that anyone–even you–can use to better prepare themselves and their families starting today.

Don’t wait! Discover how to assemble a truly useful disaster toolkit starting right now, all by following an expert in the field.

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