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$10 Easy DIY Tent Heater Build

What a neat way to heat your tent in the winter using little more than a single metal (clean) paint can and a 3″ furnace pipe! Toss in some carriage bolts for legs and a bit of scrap material and you’re all set. He says it took him about twenty minutes to build; just be […]

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Discover How to Thrive Off The Grid

You’re going to be hearing from me more than usual over the next few weeks, but I promise you’ll be glad you did because I’ve got some good things coming your way… For starters, my next book, The Get Home Bag and Compact EDC Kit, will be released by the end of the month. Plus, I’m […]

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How to Stay Safe Hiking in the Desert

Death Valley’s Zabriskie Point, the Slickrock trails of Moab, Utah and the vast array of amazing hikes that surround the Grand Canyon are just a few examples of outstanding hikes located in the middle of the desert. If you’re not a fan of warmer climes, you might think to shy away from these iconic trails. […]

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Top 164 Survival Gear and Equipment for Hiking, Camping, Bug Out

I decided to make a comprehensive list of the top survival gear and equipment for hiking, camping, and bug out survival. The list includes knives, axes, stoves, fire starters, water filters, flashlights, lanterns, backpacks, tools, multi-tools, tents, sleeping bags, emergency foods, and more. Enjoy! Top 12 Survival Knives Survival knives are a popular choice among […]

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How to Heat Your Tent With a Swedish Log Torch

This isn’t what I expected to see when I started watching this video. To be honest, I’d figured this guy was going to somehow bring a Swedish log INSIDE the tent (which would’ve been a bad idea) but I was pleasantly surprised to see what he chose to do and, more importantly, how well it […]

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Camp Tarp Shelter Wizardry

This guy is awesome! He’s always coming up with neat outdoor survival ideas, and this one is a great one to know for camping. FYI, he also links to a series of other tarp tent videos that may be of interest to you as well. Here’s the tarp shelter wizardry one; it’s a bit hard […]

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9 Best Campfire Foods

Microwaves, toaster ovens, stovetops and air fryers are all wonderful amenities that we enjoy thanks to the wonder of technology. Sometimes, though, you have to take it old-school. For the right meal, there’s nothing better than cooking over an open flame. You’ve probably been to a restaurant that specializes in wood-fired pizza or other dishes […]

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How To Utilize Trees For Survival: The Ultimate Guide To Surviving Off Of Trees

Earth Day always gives us a little time to think about the trees. Planting a tree on Earth Day is a tradition in many places, namely because these life-giving plants help provide clean air and natural resources like wood, as well as habitat for other living creatures. But trees aren’t just worthy of our appreciation […]

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Fatwood 101 for Beginners

Good and quick tutorial on finding fatwood for fire starting…

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Self-Contained DIY Fire Starter Kit

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this fire starting kit is something you can purchase as a pre-made solution, but you can certainly copy the idea well enough if you’re interested in a wilderness or bug out bag fire starting kit to emulate…