DIY Projects Skills / Knowledge Video

$50 DIY Chainsaw Sawmill Build

I’m not sure that I am brave enough to ever try a DIY project like this–especially since it involves a chainsaw,–but I do like that this guy got the idea to work rather well after some adjustments…

DIY Projects Interesting Stuff Video

How to Make a Flip-Flop Winch

Never know when you might need to make one of these to move something heavy out of the way or to pull a vehicle out of the ditch. That said, I sure am glad they invented the come-a-long power puller because this would take forever, lol…

Defense / Security / Safety Disaster Planning DIY Projects

How to Build an Underground Bunker

An underground bunker could be your best asset in many different survival scenarios. It gives you a place to wait out whatever chaos might be going on above-ground and helps ensure you and your family stay safe — even comfortable — no matter what’s happening in the world. Many survivalists dream of having an underground […]

DIY Projects Equipment / Supplies Video

Solar Powered “Gorilla” Work Cart

This is a neat little idea if you’re interested in a solar powered project for whenever the sun comes out again…

DIY Projects Equipment / Supplies

$5 Faraday Cage How To Guide

Have you always wanted a Faraday Cage to protect your sensitive electronics from an EMP, but were afraid of the cost? Well, consider this idea on making your own Faraday cage for about $5 each. And the best part: you can make several of these with the supplies you’ll need! Here’s how… “Although the EMP […]

DIY Projects Warmth / Shelter / Cooling

Passive Solar Heating Panels

This article on the Zen of Passive Solar Heating Panel Design is a neat write-up on how to make walls that can be used to gather the power of the sun to heat your home or, in this case, a workshop. The author clearly took this project very seriously, going so far as to angle […]

Camping / Fire DIY Projects Equipment / Supplies Skills / Knowledge

Rocket Stove Fuel Alternatives

If you’re “into” survival at all then you’re likely very familiar with rocket stoves… they’re awesome! And they can be fashioned out of all sorts of items, from sheet metal and tin cans to masonry bricks and even earthen materials. The thing is that I’ve ALWAYS used sticks and twigs to fuel them; however, as […]

DIY Projects Skills / Knowledge Video

How to: DIY False Bottom Drawer

Though a bit more complicated than I would have gone for myself, it’s still a very good tutorial on how to add a false bottom to a typical dresser drawer and would be the perfect companion to my 75 Secret Hiding Places book if you’ve yet to grab a copy…

DIY Projects Food / Water Video

$10 DIY Food Dehydrator

For about $10 to buy a DC cooling fan and a heat lamp bulb (along with a few scavenged items) you too can have your own DIY food dehydrator and make your own beef jerky at home! And to think I spent hundreds of dollars on an Excalibur dehydrator which I absolutely love using, by […]

DIY Projects Skills / Knowledge

The Grid-Down MultiMachine 10-in-1 All-Purpose Machine Tool

Have you ever heard of the MultiMachine before? I hadn’t until I read this article earlier this morning. Apparently, it’s a DIY open source project intended for developing countries “…that can be built by a semi-skilled mechanic with just common hand tools… electricity can be replaced with ‘elbow grease’ and the necessary material can come […]