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More Food Shortages Coming?

Just my humble opinion, but I thought the grocery stores and food manufacturers did a great job this year keeping the store shelves stocked with most of our necessities, all things considered. Granted, there were occasionally times when some items were missing from my local grocery stores–fresh eggs, milk, and the like come to mind–but most food stuffs were available and even the shortages I noticed were brief.

Of course, considering that (1) the holidays are coming up which means lots of cooking and (2) we may have a second round of COVID-19 and attempted lockdowns, I’d say there’s no harm in stocking up on the items you might need NOW, including foods you only tend to use over the holidays (e.g., canned pumpkin, cranberry sauce), baking supplies (which are always good to have on hand), as well as general canned goods and other pantry foods for just in case.

The good news is that, according to the video below, grocery stores are adjusting by keeping more items in their warehouses, which is a good thing! Follow their lead and stockpile extra in your own pantries too, just in case…

By Damian Brindle

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